Variable Data Printing

VDP, which stands for Variable Data Printing, allows components such as text, images and layout can change from one printed piece to the next. This is accomplished during the printing processes and does not slow down or stop the print device. When a file is printed, VDP software accesses your database file to determine which elements in the layout will be altered. This has a huge impact on marketing, because it allows for true and powerful 1-1 marketing.

Instead of delivering a one message to multiple customers, variable data printing has the potential to print a single unique and personalized message to each recipient.

Recent studies have shown that response rates for variable printing vary from double the normal response rate using basic VDP to 10-15 times the response rate for fully integrated campaign. When utilizing additional Cross Media components such as PURLs, Image personalization, Email, and mobile QR codes, many customers see even more significant results.

VDP Examples:

  • Changing images, text, or layout based on customer's age, gender or personal preferences.
  • Personalized offer based on customer's purchasing habits.
  • Placing a unique promotional code on each mail piece.

Variable data printing is known by several other names like one-to-one printing, database printing, customized printing or personalized printing.

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